“Beyond Fahrenheit 451*. A Book Is My Hope” – EN

With «Beyond Fahrenheit 451. A Book Is My Hope», the artist Barthélémy Toguo lands in Dakar and appropriates the paradigm “A New Humanity” to convene the verb, forms and the book.
On this theme, a discourse, a spirit and a work are interwoven, aligned in order to perpetuate the singular word of the artist, as well as an invitation to a forced dialogue between the viewer and the work.
The book as an incarnation of knowledge is in perfect coherence with the theme of the 2018 edition of Dak’Art, the “Memory of the African Continent,” via Timbuktu, which was a city of books before the European Enlightenment,
its intellectuals such as Senghor, the Negro Art. This porosity of artistic production is giving a voice, raising the voice, and face the fear of knowledge that came with the 21st century.
For the manuscripts of Timbuktu which became the seat of violence, the conjugation of obscurantism and censorship without a doubt make up a risk due to their contents. Then to seal this coherency, the place of the monstration is a bookshop, which has a familial trajectory, a transmission to Dakar.

Ink allows him to construct, deconstruct, link the movements that make up the bases of his creations, and in this particular case, a visualisation of the mutation of this act of “initiation by re,” which will haunt collective memory. This act is the invisible founding scene, Fahrenheit 451 by Bradbury/Truffaut. Is it the point of no return?
 No, because to an entropy corresponds a new distribution, incarnated by knowledge in the installation “A Book Is My Hope.” 
Ink, video, installation, previously unseen works will be shown for the rest time, a rock that will have to be added to the edice, for the book is a way out toward humanity, transformation…

The book incarnates the victory of the arts and the freedom to create. The book shall overcome, for ever.

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